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Here at Bet360.net we look at 360 degrees of betting online and horse racing is a big chunk of online gambling.  Today, it is no longer necessary to visit a betting window to place a bet on the horses. Thanks to the internet, there are numerous horse betting sites available online. These are generally referred to as race books and are a part of sports betting sites (sports book) offering odds on horse racing. People are extremely net savvy these days and thus prefer to use an online horse betting site to place their bets. It is a convenient method of horse race betting, with everything right from sign up to receiving payouts, happening with the click of a mouse. This article aims to tell you everything there is to know about horse betting sites online.

Selecting a Horse Racing Betting Site

This is the first step towards online horse betting. When choosing an online horse betting site, it is important to put in some extra effort so that you enjoy the best horse betting experience. Certain factors are pertinent when you choose a race book and we will be discussing them in greater detail. They are:

  1. Race Coverage
  2. Bonus and Promotional offers
  3. Banking Options & Customer Service
  4. Betting tools and other information.

Horse Racing Coverage

Some horse betting sites provide a comprehensive coverage of all national as well as international horse racing events. Others might be somewhat limited in their coverage. Depending on the number of wagers you place and your favorite types of horse betting events, choose an online race book that will give you a wide variety of options to bet on. Reputed online horse betting sites usually cover all types of races, right from the local events to the Triple Crown events. When you have a wide choice, you stand a better chance to win some money at the horse races.

Bonus and Promotional Offers

Online gambling has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years; it is a multi million dollar industry of which, everyone wants a slice. As a result, there are numerous online horse betting sites that compete for your business. As you can imagine there is stiff competition in the online betting industry and online betting sites try to attract customers in every possible way. One of the most common tactics to attract customers is to offer them various promotions, freebies and bonuses. Bonuses offered by horse betting sites take the form of extra money you can bet with. They add to your betting bankroll or you might even get free bets to place at your will.

Every online horse betting site offers a sign up bonus that is like a welcome gift for joining the site. It is a small amount of extra money that you can use to wager with. Usually, race

books offer a rebate program to members wherein a small percentage of their losses are returned on a weekly or a monthly basis. There may be other special promotions for prestigious racing events as well.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, the odds being offered by different race books can vary considerably. Shopping around for the best horse racing odds can make quite a difference to your profits in the long term.

Banking Options and Customer Service

Since you will be placing real money wagers on the horses, you need to deposit funds into your account. The horse betting site allows you to do this by selecting one of the many options they have in place. Generally, you can deposit money into your account either with a debit/credit card or using one of the e-wallet services or through a bank transfer. Check out the horse betting website to choose a suitable and convenient banking option to use. The sites also provide different banking methods for withdrawing your winnings.

Customer service is often a priority for online horse betting sites. Staff is available 24/7 either through telephone, online chat and email, so if clients have any problem, it is promptly attended to.

Betting Tools and Other Information

In order to be competitive, online horse betting sites offer a number of added features to ease the bettor’s experience. You can find detailed history pertaining to the contenders of a race, performance statistics and up-to-date weather reports for the racing day. You also find information on the horse’s trainers and jockey which is useful to make your betting decisions. Racing analysis, advice and tips on upcoming races are also part of the horse betting site’s service. Some online race books also offer live streaming of the horse racing events, where you can watch the race live right on your computer screen. At such sites, you might even have the option of placing live bets as the race takes place.

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