Free March Madness Contests Strategy

Everyone is gearing up for March Madness NCAA basketball.  Things get started tonight with Champ week games beginning in all of the major conferences.  Come Sunday we will have the champions for each of these Conferences and these final games will play a big part in shaping this years NCAA Tournament Bracket.  On Selection Sunday the seedings will be given and the NCAA Division 1 Tournament will start to take shape.

It’s after these selections that you will be able to finally start filling out your brackets in the hopes of winning one of the big prizes available from the wide variety of companies offering March Madness contests.  Check out for a full list of these contests.  The vast number of contests available and the number of entries you can put into each contest means that hard core March Madness bracket players will end up with upwards of 100 free brackets in contests around the internet, let alone the paid contests that are available.  Most people would be happy with winning just one of these contest so I’m going to give you a quick rundown of how to give yourself the best chance at winning a prize this March Madness season.

Rule #1 – Do Not Fill Out The Same Bracket Twice

Even if you think your bracket cannot possibly lose it is not smart to fill out the same bracket more than once.  Sure there is that astronomical chance that you could win every single contest on the internet with the same bracket, but let’s be realistic.  There is almost no chance of this happening.  For this reason you should change up your bracket for each contest to give yourself a chance at winning one, and be happy with that.

Rule #2 – Pick Certain Teams That You Will Live or Die By

Even if you aren’t picking the exact same bracket in every contest there are so many permutations that you will have to choose a few teams to live and die by.  Select the teams that you are most confident in and put them in the Final Four in each bracket.  Now if these teams make it you have a very good chance of winning one of your free contest brackets.  If they lose it’s true that all of your brackets will be busted, but this is a chance that you likely have to take.  The reason for this is that there are just so many entries in these free contests that you have to be nearly perfect to win a contest.  It’s better to be nearly perfect with the teams you are willing to die with, than a team that you just put in there for the sake of it.  Put it this way, if you are willing to live and die with a team, and they succeed, you want to be in the running for a contest or two come the elite 8.

Rule #3 – Fill Out As Many Brackets As You Can

Using the two above rules now you have to fill out as many free brackets as you can get your hands on.  The more tweaks you make to your ideal bracket the more chances you have of winning one of these contests.  Most contests have the biggest prize for first place, so in order to win this big prize you want your hat in the ring as many times as possible.

Following these 3 rules and having a bit of NCAA basketball knowledge you should be able to have a good chance at winning one of the many March Madness bracket contests available on the internet this year!

Also, has a great $3,000 prize pool bracket that you can enter for free.  There likely won’t be many entrants so you should make sure this bracket is on your join list.

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