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Online poker sites regularly develop new software features and poker games, like webcam poker tables and Rush/Speed Poker. Casinos also develop new casino games and new services like live dealer casinos and 3D slots.  The online sports betting world has not changed much in over a decade. They obviously cannot offer things like 3D sports betting or Rush betting so the sports betting industry has been pretty static. New promotions and bonuses are common but the very nature of sports betting prevents them from coming out with revolutionary new services and features, most of the time. There is a special sports book feature that has become pretty popular over the last couple years; in-play betting, also known aslive betting or real-time bettingBet360′s featured sports betting sites; Bovada and BetOnline, each offer in-play betting and I will outline how this feature works and why you should try it out, at least once.

What Is In-Play Or Live Sports Betting?

The screen shot shown above is from the Bovada sports book in-play betting platform. When sports bettors place a regular wager they do so before the game has started in most cases. There are exceptions, like quarterly betting. Inplay betting enables you to place your bets while the game is in progress. Live betting utilizes a special platform that is akin to browser-based poker or casino software. Not all online sportsbooks have adopted this new sports betting feature but many of the best places to bet have.

In-play betting opens up a whole new world of betting options. Here are a few examples of available live wagers at the Bovada sports book:

Game – NCAA Basketball – Harvard Crimson vs Massachusetts Minutemen:

  •  Which team will be the first to score after the 8:00 mark of the second half? Odds – Mass: -127, Harvard: -104
  • Which will the next score be after the 8:00 mark of the second half? Odds – 1-pointer: +358, 2-pointer:-305, 3-pointer: +308
  • Will the total number of points in the second half be odd or even? Odds – Odd: -115, Even: -115

Bovada is the largest online betting site in terms of the total number of sports being offered so there is always in-play betting action available. Even during the middle of the night in the USA you can place live bets like the ones listed above on European sports. I personally love in-play football betting. These odd-ball betting options include things like if there will be a safety in the 1st half, or the entire game even. The odds for this type of bet in particular can be outrageously high. A $100 wager could earn you five figures easily.

The betting variety with in-play betting is what makes it so fun. Plus the high speed nature and the ability to find excellent lines have made it extremely popular amongst recreational and serious sports bettors.

The image above is a screenshot of the in-play betting platform at the Bet Online sports book. It is not as nice looking when compared to Bovada and there are fewer options but BetOnline is the fastest paying US sports book while Bovada is the second fastest so there are solid reasons for signing up at either of these betting sites.  In a sense you could call inplay or live betting “Rush Betting”, after the fast-paced poker games available at rooms like the newly reopened Full Tilt Poker. Live betting cranks the fun/exciting level of online sports betting up at least 10 notches. The handicappers who create the lines for these fast-paced bets have to work extremely quickly and this can lead to mistakes and probability errors.

A savvy sports bettor with a keen mind can dissect the lines and find value-packed odds that they will never see with traditional sports betting. I would imagine that the people who manage the in-play betting lines and create the real-time betting options are under more stress than an F-16 pilot with 20 Migs on his tail. Handicappers tend to break under this kind of pressure so real-time sports betting can be very lucrative if you have a quick mind.

In-Play Sports Betting At Bovada – About Bovada –

As I already mentioned Bovada is the best online sports book for in-play betting. Bovada’s poker room is currently the largest US poker room but they do switch positions with Lock Poker on a regular basis. Bovada’s casino is also one of the best on the Internet, even when you factor in European casinos. Here are some details about this sportsbook, horse book, poker site and casino:

  • Sports betting bonus – 50% up to $250.
  • Sports betting promotions – Capital of parlay betting, reload bonuses, betting contests, free bets and more.
  • Visit Bovada and sign up <- Special bonus attached to this link.

In-Play Betting At The BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline offers fewer in-play/live betting options and the platform is inferior to Bovada’s but they do have some advantages over Bovada. The lines offered by Bet Online are usually a little better than Bovada. BetOnline also has the 4th largest US poker room and is widely considered the easiest poker site to win money at due to the high percentage of inexperienced players at their cash tables. They also offer a 3D casino, traditional casino and a brand new live dealer casino. Plus horse bettors will enjoy their horse betting service. Here is some info about the BetOnline sports book.

  • 25% bonuses on EVERY DEPOSIT for life!
  • Refunds on nil-nil soccer wagers. BetOnline is the only bookmaker to do this.
  • Visit BetOnline <- Use this link for the exclusive bonuses listed above

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