NFL Parlay Betting Promo At Bovada

NFL football bettors have been raking in money over the last few weeks. Online sports books are losing a lot of money to parlay bets and no sports betting site offers better parlay bets than Bovada. They are even running a special NFL football parlay promotion that includes a $10,000 jackpot. Bovada is aUS sportsbook and is the largest in the world, even when you count the European bookmakers. Football parlay bets are similar to trifecta bets in horse race betting. You pick two or more teams and you have to pick them all correctly in order to win. Parlay betting can be very lucrative. I play in a football pool every week with around 20 other people and a few times per year we will have a week where one person picks all 14-16 games right.

If you placed a $10 parlay bet and correctly picked every game played that week you would win tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It really all depends on the teams you pick and the lines. Upsets happen every week in the NFL otherwise people would just pick the favored teams and place parlay bets. Even hitting just 1 out of 100 would be extremely profitable. Because there are upsets every week and anything can happen on any given Sunday most football bettors opt to play 3-6 team parlay bets. These are much more manageable.

The Bovada sports book is the only online bookmaker running a parlay promo. You can mix things up when you place a parlay wager at Bovada. Point spread bets and over/under bets can be used on your parlay.

The next big parlay event at Bovada is for week 11. Every $10 you wager on parlays is worth 1 leader board point. Bovada is giving away cash to the people with the most points, up to $10,000. The next event is on the week 14 games.

Football betting at Bovada is very fun, especially if you use their in-play betting option. Their only competition is the Bet Online sports book, another US friendly bookmaker. Bet 360 has unique bonus deals at both BetOnline and Bovada so read our reviews to learn how you can claim a special bonus. Here are a few other things that these US sportsbooks have to offer:

  • Large poker rooms (Bovada is the #2 US poker site)
  • Large casinos
  • Live dealer casino (BetOnline)
  • Horse race betting

These two US sports books also accept many deposit methods that Americans can use. BetOnline is the fastest US gambling site online but Bovada isn’t far behind. BetOnline will put the cash in your hand within 24 hours if you use a money transfer service (Moneygram or Western Union). Bovada sends checks by Fed-ex and they only take a few days to reach you.

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