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Obscure sports betting is not as uncommon as some people may think. People love betting on mainstream sports like football and basketball but what about oddball sports and obscure sports? In the movie Dodgeball there was a magazine called Obscure Sports Quarterly. I do not know if that is a real magazine but I do know that obscure sports betting is popular at the top online betting sites including the featured sportsbooks at Bet 360; the Bovada sportsbookand the BetOnline sportsbook. Both of these sports books accept U.S. citizens and everyone knows that Americans will bet on anything, including obscure sports. Bovada in particular is an amazing online bookmaker for obscure, weird sports. They even have a section dedicated specifically to “Weird Wagers“.

Obscure sports are not just found in that section. Bovada accepts wagers on just about anything. BetOnline is kind of the same way but perhaps not so extreme. In this post I will look at the most obscure, weirdest and least common sports that you can bet on online at both of these sports betting sites.

Weird / Obscure Sports Bets At Bovada

The weird wagers section at the Bovada sports book is currently empty but there are some other obscure sports that you can bet on. I suppose it all comes down to what you consider a sport. I would consider some of the sports in Europe to be obscure but people over there would likely laugh at me if I said that to them. Uncommon sports are a little different. You cannot say that something is common world-wide if it is only played in one country. Here is a list of the obscure sports you can bet on at Bovada:

  • Darts – Betting on an obscure game (not sport) like darts may be pretty interesting. I’ve watched those guys on ESPN before and they hit the Triple 20, 99% of the time. It actually gets pretty boring watching them play 301 or 501. Darts is not a sport in the same way that chess is not a sport. Both are games. Chess takes intelligence and darts takes muscle memory. Darts is something you play at the bar or pub. Bovada is the only place that I know of that accepts wagers on the game of darts.
  • Snooker – Snooker is pretty obscure. It is like a primitive form of pool from what I can tell.
  • Gaelic Games – This is probably the most obscure sport(s) there is. I’m assuming that it is that game they played on the movie Braveheart. The one where Mel Gibson’s friend threw a big rock at him and Mel threw a little rock and hit him in the head. Maybe you bet on who gets a fractured skull first? Or maybe it is something else entirely.
  • Wrestling – Yes, wrestling IS an obscure sport. Are you going to beat me up for saying that? If so you really won’t like this. Wrestling isn’t even a sport. It is more of an activity that is sponsored by GLAD. Two men rolling around while wearing women’s one-piece bathing suits is lame IMO but you can bet on it at Bovada.
  • Motor “Sports” – I use the word “sport” lightly. Fifty cars driving in circles for hours on end may be entertaining to some but not me. Refueling and tire changing in motor “sports” is the most exciting thing that ever happens in this obscure “sport”. I guess pit stops are like a 70 yard field goal in football to some people. Driving in a circle is not even difficult. It may be dangerous but it definitely doesn’t require much skill.
  • Winter Sports – I’m assuming this includes obscure sports like skiing, figure skating, bobsledding, ice blocking and Wok racing. None of the above are sports but they are obscure and you can bet on them.
  • Cycling – See: Motor “Sports”.
  • Pool – Betting on pool is actually pretty cool. I really don’t consider pool a sport but oh well.
  • Visit Bovada Sports and start betting on obscure sports

Uncommon / Obscure Sports At BetOnline

BetOnline is another great US sportsbook and they also accept bets on several obscure sports. Many of the sports liked above are available at Bet Online so I will just list the obscure, odd and weird sports that are unique to this sports book.

  • Lacrosse – Betonline accept Lacrosse betting. I do not think any other online bookmaker does so. Lacrosse is like a mix between tennis and football for women.
  • Softball – Softball isn’t obscure but you can only bet on it at BetOnline so it is an obscure / uncommon sport to bet on. This game is generally played by young girls and middle aged men who can’t handle the smaller, harder baseball. Softball is perfect for those who are afraid of getting hit by the ball.
  • Olympics – There are dozens of obscure sports in the Olympics and you can bet on them all at Bet Online.
  • Visit BetOnline and bet on these obscure sports

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