UEFA Champions League 2013 Futures Betting Options

We are getting into the latter stages of this years UEFA Champions League tournament and I thought I would write a post outlining some of the different betting options still available for the tourney.

There are currently 16 teams remaining heading into the two leg knockout stage of the competition.  The first legs will be played either this coming Tuesday or the following Tuesday, at which point we will have a much better idea of who can make a deep run in this competition.

Champions League Winner Futures Bet

Of course you can still bet on the winner of the Champions League tournament.  There are currently 16 teams left and they are all in the exact same position so this is one of the best times to make this wager.  Here are the odds from Bet365.com:

  • Barcelona +200
  • Real Madrid +450
  • Bayern Munich +650
  • Borussia Dortmund +750
  • Juventus +1000
  • Manchester United +1200

There are the top 6 teams in the bookies eyes.  Barcelona, led by Lionel Messi are big favourites to win this year and rightfully so.  Manchester United squeaks into a relative favourite role, as the top team from the Premier League.

Top Goalscorer

The top goalscorer futures bet is also still available to be wagered on.  There are up to 7 matches remaining for players that make the finals, so the top goalscorers of the tourney could still change dramatically.  Here are the odds right now:

  • Lionel Messi +120 (Currently 5 goals scored)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo +150 (Currently 6 goals scored)
  • Robin van Persie +1400 (Currently 3 goals scored)
  • Robert Lewandowski +1600 (Currently 4 goals scored)
  • Burak Yilmaz +1600 (Currently 6 goals scored)

As you can see Messi and Ronaldo are the top 2 in terms of the bookies by far.  This has as much to do with their teams chances of going deep as them scoring goals (you can see that Barcelona and Real Madrid are the top two teams in the futures odds).  That being said Yilmaz already has 6 goals and if Galatasaray can pull off some upsets he could win the golden boot.  Check out the goalscorers table here.

Nationality Of Winner

Here is another interesting bet on which nations league the winning team will come from:

  • Spain -120
  • Germany +275
  • Italy +900
  • England +1000
  • France +2000
  • Any Other Nation +3300
  • Portugal +5000

The Spanish league is rightfully the favourite as they have both Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two favourites to win it all, as well as Valencia and Malaga as insurance.  Germany then has Bayern Munich, the 3rd favourite, as well as Dortmund and Schalke.  So the 3rd and 4th favourites are both from Germany.

Those are the three primary futures bets that are still available for this years Champions League competition at Bet365.com.  Things are starting to heat up in the tourney and the next few weeks will be very telling.  The Real Madrid vs Manchester United matches will certainly be entertaining right out of the gate.

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